Secondary Materials Pricing (SMP)

CHICAGO (Midwest/Central) NEW YORK (NE USA/Maritimes) Ontario / Western NY Pacific Northwest Quebec ATLANTA (Southeast USA) LOS ANGELES (Southwest USA) HOUSTON (Southcentral USA)
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  1. CHICAGO (Midwest / Central)
  2. NEW YORK (NE USA/Maritimes)
  3. Ontario / Western NY
  4. Pacific Northwest
  5. Quebec
  6. ATLANTA (Southeast USA)
  7. LOS ANGELES (Southwest USA)
  8. HOUSTON (Southcentral USA)

Secondary Materials Pricing (SMP) subscribers have access to this online price index, which reports on recovered Metals, Glass, Plastics and Paper materials across North America. All Secondary Materials Pricing is compiled and managed by Recycling Data Management Associates, a division of Recycling Markets Limited. Prices are provided on a real-time basis by qualified purchasing officials and are for reference purposes only. SMP subscribers are urged to use several industry price indexes available in combination with this source in gaining a broader information and polling base.

Although the pricing information obtained from industry sources is believed to be reliable, Recycling Data Management Associates and its licensees do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information and shall not be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in the information or the results obtained from the use of, or actions taken in reliance upon such information.

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